Le Manoir de Paris is Paris’ first haunted show, bringing to life the legends of Paris. Set in a prestigious building in the heart of Paris, step into the darkness for this interactive walk-through. Discover what lies in the shadows in the City of Light. Immerse yourself in a new theatrical experience, and discover the terrible history of Paris as brought to life by over 30 professional actors. A unique live show and a must-see for thrill seekers. Goosebumps and fun guaranteed!

An exceptional show

The theatrical adventure begins in the queue where monsters scare the audience, giving a small taste of what awaits you inside. It then continues behind the thick black velvet curtain that provides access to interactive trail of legends. A fantastic show where the prowess of the actors rivals the dark details of costumes and sets. The journey ends at the 3rd floor, in a clinic for unconventional treatments : Asylum.

My experience about it

I’m a huge fan of scary movies and I really loved the atmosphere of Le Manoir de Paris. From the beginning to the end (45 min) you’re on a total stress thinking of all the references you can see about the cinema.

The comedians (35 people) are professional and doing their job really well. In every room you go in you feel a different atmosphere. The new floor (Asylum) is inspired by American Horror Story (season 2) that is one of my favorite TV Series ever ! So if you’re a fan of scary movies and you think that you can handle such a terrifying experience I would recommend you to go for sure.

The price is 25 € / person and it’s better to book before. When you will arrive don’t forget to mention that you’re english speaking to have a special tour in english.

Le manoir de Paris
18 rue de Paradis
75010 paris